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This function takes as input a standardised flat and long (as opposed to wide formated) dataset and makes the locations table for it. It then scans the existing NaTron locations table and returns a list of pre-existing localities that lie within a given radius of the coordinates. The user must then manully check if some of these localities can be reused. If so, the user must copy-paste the locationID from the existing NaTron locality


location_check(data, conn, radius)



A connection object with natron (can be easily generated with the natron_connect script)


The radius in meters in which to search for preexisting localitites in naTron


A flattened, long and standardised dataset that you wish to import into NaTron


A list with 2 data frames. possible_matches shows all those which have a match within the radius set by the function. no_matches holds those without a match.

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