SMTQ: Sports Mental Toughness Questionnaire

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A set of center distances and latent correlations for items and facets of the SMTQ, completed by 2272 german speaking participants using the german version of the questionnaire.




An object of class list of length 2.


__ Confidence (Cf) __

13. I interpret potential threats as positive opportunities

5. I have an unshakeable confidence in my ability

11. I have qualities that set me apart from other competitors

6. I have what it takes to perform well while under pressure

14. Under pressure, I am able to make decisions with confidence and commitment

1. I can regain my composure if I have momentarily lost it

__ Constancy (Cs) __

3. I am committed to completing the tasks I have to do

12. I take responsibility for setting myself challenging targets

8. I give up in difficult situations

10. I get distracted easily and lose my concentration

__ Control (Ct) __

2. I worry about performing poorly

4. I am overcome by self-doubt

9. I get anxious by events I did not expect or cannot control

7. I get angry and frustrated when things do not go my way

(Sheard, M., Golby, J., & Van Wersch, A. (2009). Progress toward construct validation of the Sports Mental Toughness Questionnaire (SMTQ). European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 25(3), 186-193.)


Dantlgraber, M., Stieger, S., & Reips, U.-D. (in revision). Introducing Item Pool Visualization (IPV)

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