Man pages for Non-Contradiction/test_JuliaCall-libjulia
Seamless Integration Between R and 'Julia'

callCall julia functions.
eng_juliacallJulia language engine in R Markdown
grapes-greater-than-J-grapesLanguage piper for julia language.
julia_assignAssign a value to a name in julia.
JuliaCallJuliaCall: Seamless Integration Between R and Julia.
julia_checkCheck whether julia is available on the path.
julia_commandEvaluate string commands in julia.
julia_consoleOpen julia console.
julia_evalEvaluate string commands in julia and get the result.
julia_existsCheck whether a julia object with the given name exists or...
julia_helpGet help for a julia function.
JuliaObjectConvert an R Object to Julia Object.
JuliaObjectFieldsJuliaObject Fields.
julia_packageUsing julia packages.
julia_setupDo initial setup for the JuliaCall package.
julia_sourceSource a julia source file.
plotsViewerJulia plots viewer in R.
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