Man pages for Oyserman/ctr
Congruent Transcriptional Response

array_figMake figures from arrays
Calc_Ave_Attribute_CompletionCalculte the average completeness for each functional module...
Calc_ave_Z_scoreCalculates the average Z Score
Calc_cor_matrixCalculates a correlation matrix between two vectors of rows
Calc_ind_KOs_bkgd_distCalculating the background distribution for an indiviudal...
Calc_JaccardCalculate Jaccard Distance
Calc_Jaccard_distCalculte the Jaccard Distance
Calc_KO_presence_absenceBuild Presence Absence Matrix of Annotations
Calc_module_bkgd_distGenerate a background distibution of composite Z scores
Calc_module_completionCalculte the completeness for each module
Calc_Norm_EucCalculate Euclidean Distance
Calc_NRED_distCalculates pairwise NRED for a module
Calc_Pairwise_KOs_DistCalculate the average pairwise distance of all KOs between...
Calc_P_distCalculates pairwise PC for a module
Calc_P_NRED_distCalculates pairwise composite PC & NRED scores for a module
Calc_Z_scoresCalcultes mu, sd and Z scores
Cluster_attributesLouvain clustering of Modules
Create_Rank_ColumnsCalculate Normalized Ranks (e.g. rank / total genes)
Fill_attribute_matrixBuild Association Matrix
General_features-classDefines the S4 class object
Generate_Random_ModuleGenerate a random module of size 'N'
Make_module_listsBuild module lists
NormalizeNormalized RNAseq raw read counts!
Pairwise_KOs_CalculationCalculating the background distribution for an indiviudal...
plot_ind_bkgdPlot background distribution
Remove_sd_zeroRemoves rows with no standard deviation
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