Man pages for SDGGroup/rqc
Model selection for quantile regression

best_modelSelect best model in comparison with a base model
fiFast find interval
fill_naFill NAs with average
f_lhs_varCharacter vector of variables in a formula left hand side
f_rhs_nNumber of variables in right hand side of the formula
f_rhs_varCharacter vector of variables in a formula right hand side
frmFormula of a model
frm_charQuantile Regression Formula as Character String
make_best_model_listQuasi stepwise model selection for quantile regression
make_formula_listExtract formulae from a list of models
make_model_listList of models obtained by starting from a formula for full...
multi_ratio_rhoPseudo R^2 in quantile regression for a list of models
pick_modelSelect best model out of a list of model
plot.model_listPlot method for object of class model_list
ratio_rhoPseuso R^2 in quantile regression
rescalerescale in a probability range
rhoLoss Function
rq_trytry quantile regression
scoretizeapply glm over quantile regression output
scoringConditional and global score for response variable
summary.model_listSummary method for model_list objects
summary_single_rqcSummary statistics table for single level of rqc
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