Man pages for SWS-Methodology/faoswsFeed
Calculate Feed requirements per country per year

animalCoefficientsCoefficients for intensity factor calculations
animalCPCGroupAnimal Species CPC codes and corresponding animal group
animal-functionsAnimal Functions
aquaDemandTableDemand table for aquaculture demand
calculateAnimalUnitsCalculate protein and energy demand of individual animals
calculateFeedDemandCalculates protein and energy units
calculateIRCalculate intensity factor for a given country in a given...
codeTableCode table for animal functions
faoswsFeed-packageSupport package for the Feed module
feedAvailCalculate Feed Availability
feedNutrientsNutrient table and classification of feedstuffs
getQueryKeyGet Query Key
getYearCodesGet years corresponding to the source coverage
landDataLand data taken from FAOSTAT regarding meadows and pastures
optimizeFeedOptimise feed
s2005Survey data for intensification of animal husbandry
stockCodesAnimal names and Codes
wdiLabor productivity in agriculture (World Bank)
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