Man pages for SystemsGenetics/KINC.R
Provides additional functions for network files created using KINC.

analyzeEdgeCatPerforms significant testing of a single edge in the network...
analyzeEdgeQuantPerforms linear regression of a quantitative traits against a...
analyzeNetCatPerforms significant testing of each edge in the network for...
analyzeNetQuantPerforms significance association for every edge in the...
clusterEdgesPerfoms heirarchical clustering of edges in a network based...
drawEdgeListHeatMapDraws a heatmap with dendrogram of a module in the netework.
drawEdgeTreeHeatMapDraws a heatmap with dendrogram with clusters identified.
findLinkedCommunitiesFinds Linked communities in the network.
getSampleMatrixGenerates a matrix containing edge sample strings digits.
graphEdgeListDraws the graph of a set of edges in the network
graphNetDraws the graph of the entire network
highlightEdgeListColors the edges of a given edge list on the currently...
loadNetworkImports a network file produced by KINC into a data frame.
loadSampleAnnotationsImports sample annotations.
plot3DEdgeListPlots a 3D scatterplot for a given list of edges.
plot3DPairPlots a 3D scatterplot for a given pair of nodes.
plotEdgeListPlots a 2D scatterplot for a given list of edges.
RMTPerforms the RMT analysis on a gene similarity matrix.
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