Man pages for VitorAguiar/hlatools
R tools for HLA sequence data

hla_consensusCreate consensus sequences for a list of HLA alleles.
hla_convertnameConverts HLA allele names between different versions of...
hla_inferInfer sequences missing on the IMGT alignments.
hla_matrix_to_listConvert a matrix of sequences in a list
hla_minresReduce a vector of ambiguous alleles to the maximum...
hla_parsenucProcess HLA alignment data in *.nuc files.
hla_read_alignmentProcess HLA alignment data in *.nuc files and return a...
hla_readtxRead hlaTX output file
hla_refdistCalculate edit distances to the reference HLA allele.
hla_trimnamesTrim HLA allele names to the specified number of fields.
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