Man pages for YulongNiu/PhyloProfileSuppl
A supplementary R package for web-based phylogenetic profiling analysis

AnnoftSelection and Annotation of ft matrix
atpftWhole genome predicted linkages of human F1Fo ATP synthase...
CheckLinkColCheck linkage colors
circosConfGenerate Circos configure
d3ExtractNetEleExtract d3 network
ft2circosGenerate Circos phylogenetic files
geneAnnoAnnotatio of human genes.
getcontentRetreive grepexpr content
GetLinkagesRetrieve linkages data
GetProfileRetrieve profiles
GetTopLinkRetrieve top linkages data
htmlExtractTableExtract html table
phyloSpePhylogeny of 972 KEGG species
plotd3plot D3 network
SpeFreqGenerate gene frequency
wholeProfilePhylogenic profiles
writeCircosWrite circos data files
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