Man pages for a-maldet/R-styled.tables
Easy creation of beautiful Excel and LaTeX tables in R

addMerge-methodsAdd merged region
AlignmentBug fix in xlsx package (indent != 0 is not supported)
appendLatexTable-methodsAppend the LaTeX code for a StyledTable to an existing LaTeX...
AssertCharCheck if a variable is a character, if not throw an error...
AssertColorValueCheck if a variable holds a color value (using non standard...
AssertLogicalCheck if a variable is a logical, if not throw an error...
AssertNumberCheck if a variable is a number, if not throw an error (using...
assertTypeCheck if type is as expected (without using non standard...
assertValue_Check if a variable holds an allowed value (without non...
AssertValueCheck if a variable holds an allowed value (using non...
betweenVecVectorized version of 'between'
checkValidityCheck Validity of Style class object and return an error...
colorToHexCalculate the hex color value from a color name
concatFunctionsConcatenate functions
createLatexTableBody-methodsGenerate the LaTeX code for a StyledTable without...
createLatexTable-methodsGenerate the LaTeX code for a StyledTable
createStyledCrossTableBody-methodsCreate a styled cross table body
createStyledCrossTableHeader-methodsMethod createStyledCrossTableHeader
createStyledSubTableHelper function that creates a styled sub table
doCallWithoutMissingCall function with arguments and remove all empty arguments...
FILL_STYLES_Import the non-exported FILL_STYLES_ from the xlsx package...
formatStatAbsolute-methodsMethod formatStatAbsolute
formatStatBody-methodsMethod formatStatBody.
formatStatHeader-methodsMethod formatStatHeader.
formatStatRelative-methodsMethod formatStatRelative
formatStatSubHeading-methodsMethod formatStatSubHeading
getAlignmentCellStyle-methodsMethod getAlignmentCellStyle
getBorderCellStyle-methodsMethod getBorderCellStyle
getCellProtectionCellStyle-methodsMethod getCellProtectionCellStyle
getCellStyle-methodsMethod getCellStyle
getDataFormatCellStyle-methodsMethod getDataFormatCellStyle
getFillCellStyle-methodsMethod getFillCellStyle
getFontCellStyle-methodsMethod getFontCellStyle
getStyle-methodsMethod getStyle
mergeEqualCells-methodsMerge all cells whose cell values are equal
MissingOrNull-classS4 helper class that summarizes NULL and missing values
removeColumns-methodsRemove columns from a styledTable
removeMissingRemove empty elements from a list
removeRows-methodsRemove rows from a styledTable
sanitizeEscape latex commands
seq.saveImproved 'seq' command that returns an empty vector if lower...
seq.vecImproved 'seq' command which allows an two element vector...
setBold-methodsSet bold font
setBorderColor-methodsSet border color of cells
setBorderPen-methodsSet border pen of cells
setBorderPosition-methodsSet border position of cells
setExcelBoldweight-methodsSet boldweight font
setExcelColWidths-methodsMethod setExcelColWidths.
setExcelDataFormat-methodsSet data format of cells
setExcelFontName-methodsSet font name for the Excel tables
setExcelFontSize-methodsSet font size for the Excel tables
setExcelHidden-methodsSet hidden cell
setExcelLocked-methodsSet locked cell
setExcelPreProcess-methodsSet pre processing of cell content for excel table generation
setExcelRowHeights-methodsMethod setExcelRowHeights.
setExcelVertical-methodsSet vertical alignment of cells
setFillColor-methodsSet fill color of cells
setFontColor-methodsSet font color
setHeightsWidthsFunction to set the...
setHorizontal-methodsSet horizontal alignment of cells
setIndent-methodsSet indentation of cell content
setItalic-methodsSet italic font
setLatexColWidths-methodsMethod setLatexColWidths.
setLatexFontName-methodsSet font name for LaTeX tables
setLatexFontSize-methodsSet LaTeX font size
setLatexPreProcess-methodsSet pre processing of cell content for LaTeX table generation
setLatexRowHeights-methodsMethod setLatexRowHeights.
setLatexVerticalMove-methodsSet vertical movement of cell content for LaTeX table...
setRotation-methodsSet rotation of cell content
setSpecificStyle-methodsSet styles of multiple cells
setStrikeout-methodsSet strikout font
setUnderline-methodsSet underlined font
setWrapped-methodsSet wrapped cell
Style-classStyle class for single cells
StyledTable-classClass StyledTable
StyledTable-nCols-methodNumber of cols in a StyledTable
StyledTable-nRows-methodNumber of rows in a StyledTable
StyledTable-setStyles-methodSet styles of StyledTable cells
StyledTable-styledTable-methodCreate a styled table
Style-methodsSet a single attribute in a style class
transformCharTransform text
writeToExcelSheet-methodsWrite a StyledTable to an Excel sheet
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