Man pages for aaschroeder/wru_update
Who Are You? Bayesian Prediction of Racial Category Using Surname and Geolocation

censusDataCensus Data download function.
census.helper.apiCensus helper function.
census.helper.api.localCensus helper function.
census.helper.api.onlineCensus helper function.
getCensusApiCensus API function.
getCensusApi2Census API URL assembler.
getCensusDataTitle return Multilevel Census Data download function.
name.cleanName cleaning and matching function.
names.allDataset containing Census Surname List and Spanish Surname...
pidDataset containing distribution of party registration by...
race.predRace prediction function.
State.FIPSDataset containing FIPS codes for each state.
vecToChunkVariable vector into chunks.
votersDataset containing example voter file.
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