Man pages for abrionne/ScaffoldMS
Enhanced analysis of the mass spectrometry results provided by Scaffold Proteome software.

abundance_plotDisplay protein abundance according emPAI and NSAF methods.
alignpattern sequences alignments.
efetchefetch NCBI E-utilities.
elinkelink NCBI E-utilities.
elink_esummaryelink to esummary NCBI E-utilities.
esearchesearch NCBI E-utilities.
esummaryesummary NCBI E-utilities.
fasta2tableconvert sequences from fasta format to table.
gregexpr_extractfind, extract, and collapse target values from xml results.
guidetree2tablemerge clustalo guide_tree with post_treatment output object.
ltable2fastaconvert sequences in table to fasta format by group.
merge_alignmentsmerge clustalo guide_tree and blast results.
pattern_extracttext expression capture.
posdefine identifiants batch.
post_treatmentScaffold proteome software post-treatment.
quantifyparse quantification file (current view)
species_countprotein species histogram.
statsstatistical chain
table2fastaconvert sequences in table to fasta format.
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