Man pages for adamSales/lrd
Computations accompanying the paper Limitless Regression Discontinuity

balOneSHUnivariate covariance-adjusted balance test, using...
bread.lmrobBread method for lmrob objects
bwChoose a bandwidth using either Limitless or Permutations...
bwMultChoose a bandwidth using one of several methods
cftCFT analysis method
CIshConfidence Interval and Hodges-Lehmann estimate of a...
dat_excerptData from Lindo et al (2010) academic probation study
estfun.lmrobEstfun method for lmrob objects
fetchLSOdataFetch Lindo et al data
frandsenFrandsen Manipulation Test
HLshHodges-Lehmann estimate of a treatment effect for limitless...
ikWrapper for Imbens-Kalyanaraman style RDD analysis
ikSimBandwidth p-value, point estimate from IK method
ikTestImbens-Kalyanaraman style RDD analysis
makeDataCreate simulated data set
sandwichSandwich estimate of covariance
shWrapper function for limitless regression discontinuity...
shbwBandwidth, p-value, point estimate from SH method
testSHRobust balance test following robust covariate adjustment
totalOutcomeSimRun the level/power simulation from Table 3
totalPolySimRun the polynomial simulation from Table 4
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