Man pages for adisch87/COMCORDEcml

adjust_CMLAdjust CML measurements according to Disch, 2017.
calc_test_statisticCalculate the test statistic Schleiss & Berne.
CML_processingRun CML processing scripts.
comparison_test_statisticComparison to test statistic Schleiss&Berne.
conduct_analysisRun analysis.
dynamic_plotPlot data with dygraph() by converting the rows of a...
event_ggplotHydrological event plots.
f_biasCalculate bias between two lists.
fill_missing_timestampCalculate the moving average of a vector x with window size...
f_rmseCalculate root mean square between two lists.
get_flow_analysisSaves analysis plot.
get_statisticsFormat the header of a datatable.
goldstheinCalculate Goldsthein interpolation.
interpolate_valuesInterpoalte values
lm_eqnCalculate linear regression equation from dataframe and save...
model.swmmRun SWMM model and extract flow results.
moving_averageRun SWMM model and extract flow results.
rain_attenuationCalculate rain induced attenuation and rain intensity.
spatial_interpolationRun data munging script.
subset_to_eventSubset time series to events
SWMM_runAggregate values in time
temporal_aggregationAggregate values in time
wet_dry_testDefine wet and dry periods
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