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Importing and manipulating symmetric input-output tables

croatia_2010_1700Input-output table for Croatia, 2010.
croatia_employment_2013Croatian employment data for the year 2013
croatia_employment_aggregationAggregation table for Croatian employment statistics
employment_aggregateReorganize employment data according to the SIOT aggregation.
employment_getGet the employment satellite accounts
employment_multiplierCreate the employment multiplier vector
equation_solveSolve a basic equation
germany_1990Simple input-output table for Germany, 1990.
get_io_current_pricesDownload the national symmetric input-output table at current...
get_technology_dataCreate a catalog of the technology rows and columns.
input_coefficient_matrix_createCreate an input coefficient matrix
input_flow_getCreate an input flow matrix
input_indicator_createCreate input indicator(s)
input_value_added_getGet the input coefficients for value added vector
leontieff_inverse_createCreate the inverse of a Leontieff-matrix.
leontieff_matrix_createCreate a Leontieff matrix
multiplier_createSolve a basic equation
outlay_totalGet the total output vector
output_coefficient_matrix_createCreate an output coefficient matrix
output_getGet the total output vector
primary_input_getGet primary inputs
primary_inputsPrimary input abbreviations
value_added_getGet the value added vector
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