Man pages for araezopsis/bioseqr

AGI_search_and_writeSearch AGI code and write cdna, cds, peptide sequences to a...
calc_GCperCaluculate Oligo GC%
calc_oligoDNATmCalculate Oligo DNA Tm
calc_proteinMWCalculate protein molecular weight
d_convert_iupac2regexconvert IUPAC CODE to regular expression
d_find_orfFind open reading frames from DNA
d_find_orf_from_vectorFind a main open reading frame from Gataway system vector
d_LRReturn product sequence after LR reaction
d_pcrCalculate PCR product length
d_primer_checkPrimer check
d_rcReturn the reverse complement sequence
d_TOPOReturn the product sequence of after TOPO reaction
d_TOPO_LRTOPO and LR reaction
d_translateTranslate dna -> protein
d_translate_from_vectorFind and translate ORF from expression vector
d_trim_stopTrim stop codon from CDS
g_alignAlign sequences
g_check_sequenceCheck sequence
g_convert2BioStringConvert sequence to Biostrings::DNAString object
g_count_seqlengthCount sequence length
g_get_sequenceGet sequence
load_dataload data base
pipePipe operator
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