AJ R package

All functions private to Holmin (not suited or intended for sharing with others) are included in this package, which is an extension of the previous package HolminUtils

Version: 1.1 Required R version: 3.3.3


# Install the packages that AJ depends on. Note that this updates all the specified packages to the latest (binary) version. To skip installing already installed packages, run install.packages(setdiff(dep.pck, installed.packages()[,"Package"]), repos="") instead:
dep.pck <- c("akima", "ccaPP", "data.table", "fBasics", "fields", "fpc", "gdata", "gsl", "pbapply", "rgl", "XML")
install.packages(dep.pck, repos="")

# Install AJ and also the packages that AJ depends on which are on GitHub (by Holmin):
# On Windows you will need Rtools to complete the installations. Check if you have this by running Sys.getenv('PATH'), and go to to install Rtools if not.

dep.pck.git <- c("arnejohannesholmin/TSD", "arnejohannesholmin/SimradRaw", "arnejohannesholmin/sonR", "arnejohannesholmin/echoIBM", "arnejohannesholmin/cpplot3d", "arnejohannesholmin/AJ")
# If you want to install the lastest development versions, run devtools::install_github(dep.pck.git, ref="develop") instead:

For changes log see


# Write some data to a TSD file (all variable must have 4 character names):
dat <- list(
        array(runif(2*3*4), dim=c(2,3,4)), 
        array(runif(7*4), dim=c(7,4))

        c("Time step 1", "ebaerb"), 
        c("Last time step")
        complex(real=1:12, imaginary=runif(12)), 
TSDfile <- tempfile()
write.TSD(dat, TSDfile, numt=2)
datread <- read.TSD(TSDfile, t="all")

# Differs in precision of the first variable 'var1':
all.equal(dat, datread)

# Set the first varialbe to double precision:
write.TSD(dat, TSDfile, numt=2, header=list(dtyp=list(var1="doub")))
datread <- read.TSD(TSDfile, t="all")
all.equal(dat, datread)


The AJ package is licensed under the LGPL-3.)

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