Man pages for artichaud1/preprocessr
Functions to make your preprocessing life easier.

allvarsHelper function to select all variables.
binBin numeric columns.
categoricalsHelper function to select character or factor variables.
charactersHelper function to select character variables.
encode_numericCreate label encoder, that turns factor variables into...
encode_one_hotCreate one hot encoder, that turns factor variables into...
factorizeMake harmonized factor variables.
factorsHelper function to select factor variables.
map_valuesMap values of variables.
most_frequentHelper function to find the most frequent values in a...
normalizeNormalize columns (i.e. center around the mean and divide by...
numericsHelper function to select numeric variables.
preprocessCreate a preprocessing pipeline: a list of Preprocessor...
remove_constantsRemove constant columns.
remove_varsRemove variables.
replace_valuesReplace specific values in a column (usually NAs).
scale_minmaxScale columns so that values lie between min and max value.
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