yakmoR is a simple wrapper for the K-Means C++ library (see developed by Naoki Yoshinaga.

yakmoR implements orthogonal K-Means. It can work in several rounds. In the first round, a normal K-Means is applied to the data. In each subsequent round, the next clustering is done on a subspace orthogonal to the centroids of the last clustering. This way one produces different views on the data. To speed up the whole procedure, Greg Hamerlys faster K-Means is utilized. Initilization can be done either classically (uniformly random) or by using the K-Means++ scheme.


To circumvent platform-dependent floating point problems, there are some differences to the original yakmo package:

Therefore the results are not directly comparable to the original yakmo package. As the package is also enforced not to use specific C-compiler flags, compiling is NOT done with the -ffloat-store flag. This means now that different precision is used on different platforms (32bit vs 64bit, possibly also linux vs windows). So it is not really possible to build platform-independent packages using yakmoR. The workaround would be to enable the -ffloat-store flag. If you know a good way around, contact me.


-v0.1.1: fix sun solaris build (32bit) -v0.1.0: Initial release.

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