Man pages for babaknaimi/sdm
Species Distribution Modelling

addadd a new method to the package
arithmCombine (merge) two sdmModels into a single object a data.frame with record id values (rID)
coordinatesget or set spatial coordinates of species data
ensembleEnsemble Forecasting of SDMs
evaluatesevaluate for accuracy
extractIndexIndexing to extract records of a sdmdata object
featuresFrame-classfeatureFrame class
getModelInfoGet information/modelIDs relevant to fitted models in a...
guiGraphical User Interface
installAllinstall all packages that may be required by the package
namesNames of species
predictsdm model prediction
read.sdmread/write sdm* object from/to a file
responseGenerate and plot response curves
rocplot ROC curves
sdmFit and evaluate species distribution models
sdmCorrelativeMethod-classsdmCorrelativeMethod class
sdmDatacreating sdm Data object
sdmdata-classAn S4 class representing sdm dataset
sdmModel-classsdmModels classes
sdmSettingcreating sdmSetting object
subsetSubset models in a sdmModels object
varImportancevariable importance
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