Man pages for barrosm/google-motion-charts-with-r
Interface between R and the Google Chart Tools

AndrewHurricane Andrew: googleVis example data set
CityPopularityCityPopularity: googleVis example data set
createGoogleGadgetCreate a Google Gadget
ExportsExports: googleVis example data set
FruitsFruits: googleVis example data set
googleVis-packageUsing the Google Chart Tools with R
gvisAnnotatedTimeLineGoogle Annotated Time Line with R
gvisAreaChartGoogle Area Chart with R
gvisBarChartGoogle Bar Chart with R
gvisBubbleChartGoogle Bubble Chart with R
gvisCandlestickChartGoogle Candlestick chart with R
gvisColumnChartGoogle Column Chart with R
gvisComboChartGoogle Combo Chart with R
gvisGaugeGoogle Gauge with R
gvisGeoChartGoogle Geo Chart with R
gvisGeoMapGoogle Geo Map with R
gvisIntensityMapGoogle Intensity Map with R
gvisLineChartGoogle Line Chart with R
gvisMapGoogle Maps with R
gvisMergeMerge two googleVis charts into one gvis-object
gvisMethodsPrint and plot gvis objects
gvisMotionChartGoogle Motion Chart with R
gvisOrgChartGoogle Org Chart with R
gvisPieChartGoogle Pie Chart with R
gvisScatterChartGoogle Scatter Chart with R
gvisSteppedAreaChartGoogle Stepped Area Chart with R
gvisTableGoogle Table Chart with R
gvisTreeMapGoogle Tree Map with R
OpenCloseOpenClose: googleVis example data set
PopulationPopulation: googleVis example data set
RegionsRegions: googleVis example data set
renderGvisUse a googleVis Chart as Shiny Output
StockStock: googleVis example data set
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