Man pages for basilrabi/minmanhours
Manhours Database Calculator for Budgeting

assignEmployeeAssign an Employee to an Activity
assignManhoursAssign man hours
capacityEnoughIs capacity of data.frame enough?
Clerk-classAn S4 class representing a clerk
computeDayFracOffCompute Office Personnel Monthly Schedule
computeDayFracOpsCompute Operation Personnel Monthly Schedule
computeManHoursDBCompute man hours database
computeScheduleCompute Work Schedule
createBaseDatCreate Base Calendar Schedule
createEmpCreate an employee
Department-Manager-classAn S4 class representing a department manager
dfAppendAppend data.frame
Division-Manager-classAn S4 class representing a division manager
Employee-classAn S4 class representing an employee
empPoolSample employee pool
empReqSample employee requirement
Engineer-classAn S4 class representing an engineer
expandDFExpand 'data.frame'
getOTHoursGet overtime hours budgeted for the employee
getRegHoursGet regular hours budgeted for the employee
getRemHoursGet unassigned man hours of the employee
Group-Manager-classAn S4 class representing a group manager
holidaysHolidays in Taganito, Claver in year 2016
initEmployeeInitialize employee
initEmpPoolInitialize Employee Pool
initEmpReqInitialize required employees
isValidDayIs date valid?
isValidYearIs year valid?
Laborer-classAn S4 class representing a laborer
mansched-packageTools for generating man hours database budget for TMC Mines...
Non-Staff-classAn S4 class representing an employee who is not a staff
Office-Personnel-classAn S4 class representing an office personnel
Operation-Personnel-classAn S4 class representing an operation personnel
Operator-classAn S4 class representing an operator
regDaysCalcCompute number of Regular Days
removeDupHolidayRemove overlapping holidays
rmSRemove space
rmWSRemove white space
schedSample work schedule
Section-Head-classAn S4 class representing a section head
Staff-classAn S4 class representing a staff
Supervisor-classAn S4 class representing a supervisor
testAndExpandTest and Expand 'data.frame'
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