Man pages for bcgov/BCForestInventory
BC forest inventory

ageByForesterSite age by experienced forester
ageRangeClassifierDerive age range code
annualGrowthRateCalculatorCalculate annual growth rate
appendedCatPrints first text file and appends into second file
applyDWBApply decay, waste and breakage percentage to gross...
auxiTreeCompilerDerive volume components for H-enhanced and non-enhanced...
BCForestInventory-packageOverview of 'BCForestInventory' package
BEC2ICGroup BEC zones into interior and coastal region
biomassCalculationthis function is to calculate aboveground biomass for boreal...
boredAgeCalculator_BoreDerive bored age using office and field bored age
boredAgeCalculator_CrtedDerive age at breast height
boredAgeCalculator_PhysDerive bored age using physiological age
boredAgeCalculator_ProratedDerive bored age using pro-rated age
boredAgeCalculator_TotalDerive bored age using total age
compilerOutputSetupSetup an output path of the compiler
DBHClassifierDerive DBH class from DBH
DIB_ICalculatorCalculate the inside-bark diameter at a given height
DWBCompilerCompile decay, waste and breakage for standard tables-VRI...
DWBGenerator_BECCollect decay, waste and breakage factor in BEC routine
DWBGenerator_FIZCollect decay, waste and breakage factor in FIZ routine
getDWBSeriesGet local DWB series
heightEstimateForBTOP_DEstimate tree height for a broken top tree when DBH, inside...
heightEstimateForBTOP_HEstimate tree height for a broken top tree when projected...
heightSmry_byCSummarize mean and lorry's height by cluster-VRI specific
lm_groupExtended lm function by adding group functionality
logAdjustmentAdjust log length - VRI specific
logAttributesLongFormTranspose wide form table to long form table-VRI specific
logFileProducerTo display a table to log file
logMatrixAdjustmentAdjust log length matrix
lookupCheckTest whether the lookup table is updated
mergeAllVolTreesMerge all volume trees-VRI specific
merge_dupUpdateMerge table and update values for duplicate column
netVolumeCalculatorCalcualtes total net volume and merchantable volume-VRI...
PHFCalculatorCalculate tree per ha factor for both fix and variable area...
prj_ID2BECAssign BEC based on project ID
prj_ID2GrpGroup project ID into project group
riskGroupDeriverDerive risk group for standard sample compilation/data
siteAgeCompilerCompile breast age, total age, and site index where...
siteAgeSummarySummarize site age data by cluster and cluster/species-VRI...
SiteTools_HTBoredAge2SICalculate site index using site tools
siteToolsSpeciesConvertorConvert VRI species code to site tools species code
SiteTools_Y2BHDerive years to breast height using site tools
smallTreeVolSmrySummarizes the volume for small trees - VRI specific
speciesCode2speciesTypeGroup species into deciduous and coniferous species group
speciesComp_byCCalculates species composition based on cluster/species...
standardizeSpeciesNameStandardize species name from different forest inventory...
ST_CurveNameDerive site index curve name based on site index curve...
ST_DefCurveAssign site index curve reference in site tools
ST_DefGICurveAssign growth intercept curve reference by site index...
ST_HTAgeToSICalculate site index in site tools
ST_SpecRemapCalculate site index reference by species and region
stumpVolSmrySummarizes the volume for stumps - VRI specific
ST_YrsToBHDerive years between ground and breast height in site tools
taperCoeffsGeneratorGenerate the coefficients table of taper equations
taperImplementorImplement taper equation for a given tree
toWSVRatioCalculate to whole stem volume ratios
treeVolCalculatorCalculate volume for trees
treeVolEst_RegRatioMethodEstimate volume for H-enhanced and non-enhanced trees-VRI...
UTM_ConvertorConvert UTM to other coordinate reference system.
valueCalculatorCalcualte tree value-VRI specific
volSmry_byCSummarize volume components at cluster level-VRI specific
volSmry_byCSSummarize volume components per hectare by cluster and...
VRICompilerVRI compiler - VRI specific
VRIInit_auxTreeLoad and select auxiliary plot trees-VRI specific
VRIInit_clusterplotLoad and select cluster and plot level data- VRI specific
VRIInit_lossFactorLoad and select trees that have loss factor information-VRI...
VRIInit_measuredTreeLoad and select fully measured tree data-VRI specific
VRIInit_siteTreeLoad and select site trees-VRI specific
VRISummariesSummarize the tree-level data at cluster or cluster/species...
VRIVolTreeCalcualte tree volume-VRI specific
WSV_BARegressionCreate regression equation to link whole stem volume and...
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