BCForestInventory-package: Overview of 'BCForestInventory' package

Description 1. Common functions 2. VRI compiler-specific functions 3. Hardcoded lookup table functions Author(s)


This package provides functions to compile BC forest inventory data.

Bug reports: https://github.com/YongLuo007/BCForestInventory/issues

1. Common functions

These functions have generic usage in deriving attribute(s) and not asscoiated with a specific project.

Function name Description
annualGrowthRateCalculator Calculate annual growth rate
BEC2IC Group BC BEC to coastal and interior region

2. VRI compiler-specific functions

The functions associated with VRI compiler. The input argument in these functions is generally a data table that has VRI-specific column names. In this sense, these columns is pre-defined before compilation. The raw VRI data can be obtained from Bob.

Function name Description
VRIInit_clusterplot Load and select cluster and plot information
VRIInit_measuredTree Load and select tree list in vi_c
VRIInit_auxTree Load and select tree list in auxi plots from vi_i
VRIInit_lossFactor Load and select tree loss factor data in vi_d
VRIInit_siteTree Load and select site age tree data in vi_h

3. Hardcoded lookup table functions

The functions that hardcode the lookup tables. The below table lists the functions and corresponding file information in RDW. The root path of these functions is Mayhem/GIS_TIB/RDW/ and the rest path is specified in Path column.

Function name Path File name Last modified time
lookup_vri_grp ~/RDW_Data1/System/Lookups vri_grp.sas7bdat 2017-06-08-1605
lookup_vri_bec ~/RDW_Data1/System/Lookups vri_bec.sas7bdat 2017-06-08-1605
lookup_spv_spc ~/RDW_Data1/System/Lookups spv_spc.sas7bdat 2002-06-21-1103
lookup_sp_cost ~/RDW_Data1/System/Lookups sp_cost.sas7bdat 2002-06-21-1103
lookup_spv_frd ~/RDW_Data1/System/Lookups spv_frd.sas7bdat 2002-06-21-1103
lookup_dcy_v3 ~/RDW_Data1/Production/DWB_RF dcy_v3.sas7bdat 2002-02-08-1344
lookup_dcy_v3x ~/RDW_Data1/Production/DWB_RF dcy_v3x.sas7bdat 2002-04-24-1155
lookup_brk_99 ~/RDW_Data1/Production/DWB_RF brk_99.sas7bdat 2002-02-08-1344
lookup_wst_v3 ~/RDW_Data1/Production/DWB_RF wst_v3.sas7bdat 2002-02-08-1344
lookup_sp_type ~/RDW_Data1/System/Lookups sp_type.sas7bdat 2003-10-15-1439


Yong Luo [email protected]

Rene De Jong [email protected]

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