Man pages for caijun/humidity
Calculate Water Vapor Measures from Temperature and Dew Point

AHcalculate absolute humidity
C2KCelsius to Kelvin conversion
Es.T0Saturation vapor pressure at absolute zero (hPa)
ivsViability of influenza A virus for 1 hour after spraying
ivtAerosol transmission efficiency of influenza A virus from...
K2CKelvin to Celsius conversion
LLatent heat of water vapor
MdMolecular weight of dry air
MRcalculate mixing ratio
MwMolecular weight of water vapor
RHcalculate relative humidity
RwSpecific gas constant of water vapor
SHcalculate specific humidity
SH2RHconvert specific humidity into relative humidity
SVPcalculate saturation vapor pressure
SVP.ClaClacalculate saturation vapor pressure using the...
SVP.Murraycalculate saturation vapor pressure using the Murray equation
T0Absolute zero
WVP1calculate partial water vapor pressure given dew point
WVP2calculate partial water vapor pressure given relative...
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