Man pages for carbonmetrics/crud
Data cleaning utilities

catassocGet standardized residuals and Cramer strength of association...
ccconcatenate without quotes (fast c replacement)
clean_charClean character vector
cleanheaderClean column names of a dataset
confmatConfusion matrix
contrastContrast calculate and visualise measures of inequality and...
crossval.rangercross validation
crossval.xgboostcross validation
crud-packageNinety percent of everything is crud, according to Sturgeon's...
curryCurry a function
dedupRemove duplicates
demptyFind and remove empty columns and/or rows
dyplotTimeplot using dygraph library
excel_dateUnmess Excel dates
find_NAFind implicit NA values, such as "", " ", "null" etc, and set...
find.similarsFind similar names
getclassGet classes of variables
getvaluesGet unique values from factor variables
grapes-nin-grapesFilter out
helloHello, World!
missExplore missingness
modusModues of distribution
NAsFind implicit NA values in data.table
readxlsRead bunch of Excel files and unmess
seePlot summary of numerical vectors
setupSet up environment
stratsampTake a stratified sample of your dataset
str_cleanClean character vector
table2dtConvert table to data.table
unpackListunpack a list
varimpVariable importance
varimp.rangerVariable importance
xls_batchRead Excel sheets
xrayGet overview of dataset
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