Man pages for carbonmetrics/crunch
Data cleaning utilities

ccconcatenate without quotes (fast c replacement)
chiFind unusual relations between 2 categorical values
cleanheaderClean column names of a dataset
contrastContrast calculate and visualise measures of inequality and...
curryCurry a function
find_NAFind implicit NA values, such as "", " ", "null" etc, and set...
fread_zipfast read zip files
getclassGet classes of variables
getsectionSplit dataset
getvaluesGet unique values from factor variables
grapes-nin-grapesFilter out
helloHello, World!
labelerLabel dataset
missExplore missingness
modusModues of distribution
NAsFind implicit NA values in data.table
parse.codebookParse codebook
plot_catPlot categorical values
plot_numPlut numerical values
setupSet up environment
sort_surveySort survey data
str_cleanClean character vector
str_numFind numerical variables in database format
str_numdetectDetect whether or not a variable may be numeric
table2dtConvert table to data.table
unpackListunpack a list
viewInspect data.table
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