Man pages for carbonmetrics/dung
Utilities for analysing and cleaning data

clean.charCleans character vectors
clean.headerClean header
confmatConfusion matrix
crossvalcross validation
curryCurry a function
detoxUnzip and detox file names
digcharFind digits in char vector
filter.maxSelect rows where value in any of the columns is larger than...
find.similarsFind similar names
freqerFrequency tables
hooverRead all xls and csv files in a folder
hoover.csvRead all csv files in a folder
hoover.xlsRead all excel files in a folder
ineqsConcentration to factor
logtrafoLog10 transformation
mass.tableMakes table for every variable against a standard variable
remove.empty.colsRemove empty columns
sigfacGet a list of factors var1 that have a significant relation...
splitterMake a training set and a test set
stratsampTake a stratified sample of your dataset
table2dtConvert table to data.table
unmess.excel.datesUnmess Excel dates
xls.dateUnmess Excel dates
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