oecdr: Download and extract data from the OECD into R.

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OECD Statistics are arranged as indicators in tables. For example, the Total gross debt indicator is in the Public Sector Debt, consolidated, nominal value table:


To download this data into R we need both the indicator and table identifiers. To find these click on Export then SDMX (XML). A window like this should pop up:


The information we need is in the "SDMX DATA URL" field. I've highlighted the table ID with the red box (QASA_TABLE7PSD) and the indicator ID with the blue box (SAFGD.S1311C.CAR.NSA).

Hint: The table ID will be surrounded by forward slashes (/). The indicator ID will be proceeded by a . and followed by a /.

We can enter this information into oecd and download the data into R. You can download multiple indicators from the same table with the same oecd call. For example:

qrt_public_debt <- oecdr::oecd(table = 'QASA_TABLE7PSD',
                        indicator = c('SAF2LXT.S1311C.PCTGDPA.NSA',


  iso3c    time SAF2LXT.S1311C.PCTGDPA.NSA SAFGD.S1311C.CAR.NSA
1   AUS 2000-Q1                          0             197175.0
2   AUS 2000-Q2                          0             198660.5
3   AUS 2000-Q3                          0             195187.8
4   AUS 2000-Q4                          0             205515.9
5   AUS 2001-Q1                          0             203152.5
6   AUS 2001-Q2                          0             209870.5

Here is another example that downloads Gross domestic product (expenditure approach current prices, millions):

gdp <- oecd(table = 'SNA_TABLE1', indicator = 'B1_GE.CPC',
           start = 2000, end = 2012)

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