Man pages for coolbutuseless/relaxedcsv
Read malformed CSV files in a relaxed manner

get_file_as_rowsConvert a CSV file or a string into a vector of character...
get_good_rowsGet the indices of what look like the good rows
get_good_rows_as_csvFilter a set of rows into a string parse-able as a CSV file...
get_modal_valueCalculate the modal value of a vector
guess_line_typesFor a line from a CSV file, make a guess on the type of each...
guess_typedetermine what a given string represents
is_integerdetermine if a string represents a integer value
is_logicaldetermine if a string represents a logical value
is_NAdetermine if a string represents an NA value
is_numericdetermine if a string represents a numeric value
relaxed_read_csvRead a CSV in a relaxed manner
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