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This package contains functions for calculating bootstrapped response and correlation functions for use in dendroclimatology.


Package: bootRes
Type: Package
Version: 0.1
Date: 2009-06-24
License: GPL-3
LazyLoad: yes

Function dcc is used to calculate response and correlation functions using tree-ring chronologies and monthly climatic data (Fritts, 1976, Cook and Kairiukstis, 1990), dcplot is a convenient plotting function for its output. In its current state this package is a clone of the computer programme DENDROCLIM2002 (Biondi and Waikul, 2004).


Christian Zang with significant input from Franco Biondi

Maintainer: Christian Zang <[email protected]>


Zang, C., & Biondi, F. (2012) Dendroclimatic calibration in R: The bootRes package for response and correlation function analysis. Dendrochronologia doi:10.1016/j.dendro.2012.08.001

Biondi, F. & Waikul, K. (2004) DENDROCLIM2002: A C++ program for statistical calibration of climate signals in tree-ring chronologies. Computers & Geosciences 30:303-311

Cook, E.R. and Kairiukstis, L.A. (1990) Methods of Dendrochronology: Applications in the Environmental Sciences. Springer

Fritts, H.C. (1976) Tree ring and climate. Academic Press

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