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This package creates comprehensive reports to help you monitor the activity of Facebook public pages and Twitter profiles. You can also specify multiple pages so you are able compare your page with possible competitors.


To install monitr simply run


Basic Usage

To create a report simply run the fb_report() or tw_report() functions. Their arguments do vary so check their documentations, but here are fb_report()'s arguments: - pages: a character vector with the pages to be monitored (as found in<page_name>) - token: a string with a Facebook API access token (get this token at Facebook Developer Tools) - start and end: start/end date to consider posts to be scraped for the report - filter: only colect posts that contain text

pages <- c("aaamat.ime")
start <- '2016-02-01'
end <- '2017-02-20'

report <- create_report(pages, token, start, end)
#> [1] "p_id"               "to_name"            "from_id"           
#> [4] "from_name"          "created_time"       "type"              
#> [7] "link"               "likes_count"        "love_count"        
#>[10] "haha_count"         "wow_count"          "sad_count"         
#>[13] "angry_count"        "shares_count"       "interaction_count"

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