Man pages for danielderrick/defunctions
Package for frequently used functions.

bPlotBetter msViper plot
counts2viperVariance stabilization transformation and noise addition for...
doubleVennCreate two three-way Venn diagrams
filterGenesFilter genes by relative likelihood of expression
fixExcelFix gene names changed to dates by MS Excel
fixGeneNamesChange gene names of expression data set
getDEGGet names of differentially expressed genes from DESeq2...
getDEGwithLFCGet names of differentially expressed genes from DESeq2...
heatListPlot heatmap of genes in provided vector of gene symbols.
heatSetPlot heatmap of genes in KEGG pathway
maf2barplotPlot barplot of most frequently mutated genes in maf file
maf2csvWrite CSV summary of maf file
makeCLSCreate GSEA-compatible CLS file describing expression set...
makeColDataCreate column metadata
makeGMTCreate GMT file of gene sets
makeNumericMake Numeric
makeShinyVenn3Make a 3-way venn diagram for Shiny
makeTXT4gseaCreate GSEA-compatible gene expression TXT file
makeVenn3Make a 3-way venn diagram
nameChangeChange gene names
neckShow first rows and columns of data frame or matrix
quickPCplotQuick principal componenent graph
qvalHistPlot Q-value Histogram
rowScaleScale rows
sHeatmapSimple Heatmap
three2twoMake two lists from three
writeSetWrite gene counts for genes in specified KEGG pathway to an...
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