Man pages for data-science-made-easy/james
Data I/O and visualisation made easy for Excel users and R programmers

as_data_frameReturn data as data.frame
df_as_listHelper import to list
extract_x_axisExtract x-axis information from d
extract_y_axisExtract pretty y-axis information from d
get_paramGet appropriate parameter value
is_really_characterIndicate whether all values in vec are really char
is_valid_xlsxCheck if the xlsx file is valid
j_activateActivate a certain project and scenario
j_cleanClean data objects
j_example_xlsxCreate example xlsx file
j_getGet data from archive
j_get_indexGet index
j_get_tsGet data as ts object
j_importImport data from xlsx-file
j_import_settingsImport settings
j_initInitialize James
j_lsList James' data
j_plotEasy plotting in your standard layout
j_putPut data in archive
j_rm_lastRemove object that was last put
j_saveSave data to file
j_set_metaSet meta data
j_versionJames package version
one_element_for_each_seriesMeta may have variables of length 1 or length > n_items. This...
strings_to_vectorskeywords internal
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