rptr: rptr: A package for creating statistical reports

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The rptr package creates statistical reports in text file format. Will soon support RTF, PDF, and DOCX format.


The rptr package creates regulatory-style, statistical reports. It was designed for use in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device industries. However, the functions are generalized enough to provide statistical reporting for any industry. The package is written in Base R, and has no dependencies on any other reporting package.

The package is intended to give R programmers report layout capabilities such as those found in SASĀ® PROC REPORT, and a choice of output formats like SASĀ® ODS. The package will initially focus on printable, file-based output formats, as there are already numerous R packages that provide tabular reporting in HTML. The current version supports TEXT output. Future releases will incorporate RTF, DOCX, and PDF file formats.

Key Features

The rptr package contains the following key features:

Key Functions

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