API for dinakar29/switchr-test
Installing, Managing, and Switching Between Distinct Sets of Installed Packages

Global functions
.libPaths2 Man page
BiocDevel Man page
BiocRelease Man page
BiocSVNManifest Man page Source code
BiocSource-class Man page
BiocVers Man page Source code
CRANSource-class Man page
CVSSource-class Man page
GitSource-class Man page
GithubManifest Man page Source code
GithubSource-class Man page
LibraryProfile Source code
LibraryProfile-class Man page
LocalSource-class Man page
ManifestRow Man page Source code
PkgManifest Man page Source code
PkgManifest-class Man page
PkgSource-class Man page
RepoSubset Man page Source code
RepoSubset-class Man page
SVNSource-class Man page
SessionManifest Man page Source code
SessionManifest-class Man page
SwitchrCtx Man page Source code
SwitchrCtx-class Man page
SwitchrParam Man page Source code
SwitchrParam-class Man page Man page
TarballSource-class Man page
addPkg Man page
addPkg,PkgManifest Man page
addPkg,PkgManifest-method Man page
addPkg,SessionManifest Man page
addPkg,SessionManifest-method Man page
addReplaceDF Source code
allBiocReleases Source code
annDESC Source code
annotateDESCs Source code
archive_retries Man page
archive_retries,SwitchrParam Man page
archive_retries,SwitchrParam-method Man page
archive_retries<- Man page
archive_retries<-,SwitchrParam Man page
archive_retries<-,SwitchrParam-method Man page
archive_timing Man page
archive_timing,SwitchrParam Man page
archive_timing,SwitchrParam-method Man page
archive_timing<- Man page
archive_timing<-,SwitchrParam Man page
archive_timing<-,SwitchrParam-method Man page
beforeBiocInstaller Source code
binRevSearch Source code
biocReposForVers Man page Source code
biocReposFromVers Source code
biocTryToDL Source code
biocVersAsGitBr Source code
biocVersFromRepo Source code
branch Man page
branch,PkgSource Man page
branch,PkgSource-method Man page
branch<- Man page
branch<-,PkgSource Man page
branch<-,PkgSource-method Man page
buildTarURLs Source code
c,PkgManifest-method Man page
c,SessionManifest-method Man page
checkIsPkgDir Man page Source code
checkStdSVN Source code
cleanem Source code
const_git_url Source code
cranPkgVersManifest Man page Source code
currentCompEnv Man page Source code
decrBiocRepo Source code
decrBiocVersion Source code
defaultRepos Man page Source code
dep_repos Man page
dep_repos,PkgManifest Man page
dep_repos,PkgManifest-method Man page
dep_repos,SessionManifest Man page
dep_repos,SessionManifest-method Man page
dep_repos<- Man page
dep_repos<-,PkgManifest Man page
dep_repos<-,PkgManifest-method Man page
dep_repos<-,SessionManifest Man page
dep_repos<-,SessionManifest-method Man page
descInTB Source code
detectType Source code
dl_method Man page
dl_method,SwitchrParam Man page
dl_method,SwitchrParam-method Man page
dl_method<- Man page
dl_method<-,SwitchrParam Man page
dl_method<-,SwitchrParam-method Man page
dodepsourselves Source code
download.file2 Source code
download.packages2 Source code
doyamlsetup Source code
ensureCRANmirror Source code
errorOrNonZero Man page Source code
extract_dep_pkg_names Source code
fileFromBuiltPkg Source code
fileFromFileURL Man page Source code
findBiocGitRev Source code
findBiocSVNRev Source code
findCompEnv Source code
findGitRev Source code
findIt Source code
findPkgDir Man page Source code
findPkgVersionInBioc Source code
findPkgVersionInCRAN Source code
findPkgVersionInManifest Source code
findPkgVersionInRepo Man page
findPkgVersionInRepo,NULL Man page
findPkgVersionInRepo,NULL-method Man page
findPkgVersionInRepo,character Man page
findPkgVersionInRepo,character-method Man page
findSVNRev Source code
findThem Source code
flushSession Man page Source code
full_libpaths Man page
full_libpaths,SwitchrCtx Man page
full_libpaths,SwitchrCtx-method Man page
getBiocDevelVr Source code
getBiocReleaseVr Source code
getBiocRepos Source code
getBiocReposFromRVers Source code
getBiocvrFromRvr Source code
getDepsThing Source code
getExt Source code
getMultilineYamlField Source code
getPkgDir Man page Source code
getPkgs Source code
getPlatform Source code
getRVersion Source code
getRemoteBranches Source code
getStringType Source code
gitChangeBranch Source code
gitCurrentBranch Source code
gitWDIsDirty Source code
gotoVersCommit Man page
gotoVersCommit,character,BiocSource Man page
gotoVersCommit,character,BiocSource-method Man page
gotoVersCommit,character,CRANSource Man page
gotoVersCommit,character,CRANSource-method Man page
gotoVersCommit,character,GitSource Man page
gotoVersCommit,character,GitSource-method Man page
gotoVersCommit,character,SVNSource Man page
gotoVersCommit,character,SVNSource-method Man page
grabdeps Source code
haveGit Source code
haveSVN Source code
head Man page
head,PkgManifest Man page
head,PkgManifest-method Man page
head,SessionManifest Man page
head,SessionManifest-method Man page
highestBiocVers Source code
install_packages Man page
install_packages,SessionManifest,ANY Man page
install_packages,SessionManifest,ANY-method Man page
install_packages,character,PkgManifest Man page
install_packages,character,PkgManifest-method Man page
install_packages,character,SessionManifest Man page
install_packages,character,SessionManifest-method Man page
install_packages,character,character Man page
install_packages,character,character-method Man page
install_packages,character,missing Man page
install_packages,character,missing-method Man page
isCurrentDevelVr Source code
isWindows Source code Source code
lazyRepo Man page
lazyRepo,PkgManifest,ANY Man page
lazyRepo,PkgManifest,ANY-method Man page
lazyRepo,SessionManifest,ANY Man page
lazyRepo,SessionManifest,ANY-method Man page
lazyRepo,character,PkgManifest Man page
lazyRepo,character,PkgManifest-method Man page
lazyRepo,character,SessionManifest Man page
lazyRepo,character,SessionManifest-method Man page
libManifest Man page
libManifest,SwitchrCtx Man page
libManifest,SwitchrCtx-method Man page
libManifest,character Man page
libManifest,character-method Man page
libManifest,missing Man page
libManifest,missing-method Man page
libPaths2 Source code
library_paths Man page
library_paths,SwitchrCtx Man page
library_paths,SwitchrCtx-method Man page
list.dirs Source code
loadGRAN Man page Source code
loadManifest Man page Source code
locatePkgVersion Man page Source code
location Man page
location,PkgSource-method Man page
logfun Man page
logfun,SwitchrParam Man page
logfun,SwitchrParam-method Man page
logfun<- Man page
logfun<-,SwitchrParam Man page
logfun<-,SwitchrParam-method Man page
makeBiocSVNURL Man page Source code
makeFileURL Man page Source code
makeLibraryCtx Man page Source code
makeManifest Man page Source code
makePkgCheckout Man page Source code
makePkgDir Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,ANY Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,ANY-method Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,BiocSource Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,BiocSource-method Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,CRANSource Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,CRANSource-method Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,GitSource Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,GitSource-method Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,GithubSource Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,GithubSource-method Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,LocalSource Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,LocalSource-method Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,SVNSource Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,SVNSource-method Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,TarballSource Man page
makePkgDir,ANY,TarballSource-method Man page
makePwdFun Source code
makeSeedMan Man page
makeSeedMan,missing Man page
makeSeedMan,missing-method Man page
makeSeedMan,parsedSessionInfo Man page
makeSeedMan,parsedSessionInfo-method Man page
makeSeedMan,sessionInfo Man page
makeSeedMan,sessionInfo-method Man page
makeSource Man page Source code
makeUserFun Source code
manifest Man page
manifest,SessionManifest Man page
manifest,SessionManifest-method Man page
manifest<- Man page
manifest<-,SessionManifest Man page
manifest<-,SessionManifest-method Man page
manifest_df Man page
manifest_df,PkgManifest Man page
manifest_df,PkgManifest-method Man page
manifest_df,SessionManifest Man page
manifest_df,SessionManifest-method Man page
manifest_df<- Man page
manifest_df<-,PkgManifest Man page
manifest_df<-,PkgManifest-method Man page
manifest_df<-,SessionManifest Man page
manifest_df<-,SessionManifest-method Man page
nferDefaultBranch Source code
nferType Source code
nnerdodeps Source code
noVignettesArg Source code
normalizePath2 Man page Source code
notrack Man page
notrack,NULL Man page
notrack,NULL-method Man page
nrow Man page
nrow,PkgManifest Man page
nrow,PkgManifest-method Man page
nrow,SessionManifest Man page
nrow,SessionManifest-method Man page
nstall_packages Source code
onLoad Source code
packages Man page
packages,SwitchrCtx Man page
packages,SwitchrCtx-method Man page
parseSessionInfoString Man page Source code
parse_git_repo Source code
parsedSessionInfo-class Man page
paste0 Source code
pkgname Man page
pkgname,PkgSource Man page
pkgname,PkgSource-method Man page
pkgname<- Man page
pkgname<-,PkgSource Man page
pkgname<-,PkgSource-method Man page
publishManifest Man page
publishManifest,PkgManifest,character Man page
publishManifest,PkgManifest,character-method Man page
publishManifest,SessionManifest,character Man page
publishManifest,SessionManifest,character-method Man page
publishManifest,SwitchrCtx,ANY Man page
publishManifest,SwitchrCtx,ANY-method Man page
publishManifest,missing,ANY Man page
publishManifest,missing,ANY-method Man page
rVersionManifest Man page Source code
remOtherPkgVersions Source code
removeLib Man page Source code
repoFromString Source code
requireNamespace2 Source code
sh_init_script Man page
sh_init_script,SwitchrParam Man page
sh_init_script,SwitchrParam-method Man page
sh_init_script<- Man page
sh_init_script<-,SwitchrParam,ANY Man page
sh_init_script<-,SwitchrParam-method Man page
shell_timing Man page
shell_timing,SwitchrParam Man page
shell_timing,SwitchrParam-method Man page
shell_timing<- Man page
shell_timing<-,SwitchrParam Man page
shell_timing<-,SwitchrParam-method Man page
sketch_df Source code
sourceFromManifest Source code
subdir Man page
subdir,PkgSource Man page
subdir,PkgSource-method Man page
subdir<- Man page
subdir<-,PkgSource Man page
subdir<-,PkgSource-method Man page
switchBack Man page Source code
switchDeps Man page
switchTo Man page
switchTo,SwitchrCtx,ANY Man page
switchTo,SwitchrCtx,ANY-method Man page
switchTo,character,PkgManifest Man page
switchTo,character,PkgManifest-method Man page
switchTo,character,RepoSubset Man page
switchTo,character,RepoSubset-method Man page
switchTo,character,SessionManifest Man page
switchTo,character,SessionManifest-method Man page
switchTo,character,SwitchrCtx Man page
switchTo,character,SwitchrCtx-method Man page
switchTo,character,character Man page
switchTo,character,character-method Man page
switchTo,character,missing Man page
switchTo,character,missing-method Man page
switchrBaseDir Man page Source code
switchrDontUnload Man page Source code
switchrManifest Man page Source code
switchrNoUnload Man page Source code
system_w_init Man page Source code
tail Man page
tail,PkgManifest Man page
tail,PkgManifest-method Man page
tail,SessionManifest Man page
tail,SessionManifest-method Man page
updateGit Source code
updateManifest Man page Source code
updateSVN Source code
url.exists Source code
vec_get Source code
versions_df Man page
versions_df,SessionManifest Man page
versions_df,SessionManifest-method Man page
versions_df<- Man page
versions_df<-,SessionManifest Man page
versions_df<-,SessionManifest-method Man page
winFileFromURL Source code
winFileURL Source code
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