Man pages for dirtytrashgirl/unofficial-tinycards-api
Unofficial Tinycards API

api_base_urlThe base API url for tinycards
create_connectionCreate a connection to tinycards
create_deckCreate a deck
deck2excelConvert a deck to an excel file
delete_deckDelete a deck
excel2deckConvert an excel file to a deck
get_cardGet the Nth card from a deck
get_conceptGet the Nth concept from a card side
get_concept_contentsGet the contents of a concept
get_concept_fact_idGet the fact ID of a concept
get_concept_idGet the ID of a concept
get_concept_user_idGet the user ID of a concept
get_sideGet the Nth side from a card
has_conceptDoes this card side have an Nth concept?
list_decksList all your current decks
load_deckLoad a deck
loginLogin to tidycards
update_deckUpdate a deck
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