Man pages for dleelab/KompUtils

convert_varsA function for converting character factors to numbers,...
extract_date_paramsa function for extracting date parameters
extract_datesa function spliting dates and times
extract_time_paramsa function for extracting time parameters
fix_tester_namesA function for fixing tester names
gen_downstream_analysis_inputA function for making input data for all downstream analyses...
gen_exploratory_figuresA function for generating explonatroy figures and summary...
gen_KOMP_meta_dataA function for converting raw meta data to the format used in...
load_phenoA function for making the raw data (CSV file) with the long...
make_same_date_formata function making date format same
make_same_time_formata function making time format same
my_selecta function used in make_same_date_format()
remove_outliersa function for removing outliers based on (sd and IQR)
remove_outliers_maina function for removing outliers
remove_outliers_main_v0a function for removing outliers based on sd
remove_outliers_sda function for removing outliers based on sd
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