Man pages for dpique/oncoMix1
Identify Genes Overexpressed in Subsets of Tumors from Tumor-Normal mRNA Expression Data

colTransA pseudo transparency to a color
createCNVmatrixForUCisoformGathering CNV Information for UCSC Isoform(s) from Multiple...
distributionPlotGenerate a plot of all distributions indicated
donutPlot a donut
entropyCompute entropy (base e) from a vector of probabilities
genClinMatrixGenerate a Clinical Matrix from TCGA data
getMixModelParamsGenerate the parameters for two 2-component mixture models...
mergeLevelsMerge levels of a factor
mixModelParamsGenerate the parameters for two 2-component mixture models...
na.meanReplace NAs with mean
na.zeroReplace NAs with zeros
numericalizeFunction to convert factors to numeric
oncoMixBimodalCreating an schematic of a 2-component mixture model
oncoMixIdealCreating an ideal oncoMix gene
oncoMixTraditionalDECreating an schematic of a traditional differential...
rotatedLabelPlot a rotated axis label
scatterMixGenerate a scatter plot with the output from...
scatterMixPlotGenerate a scatter plot with the output from...
selectivityIndexCalculate the selectivity Index from getMixModelParams
sig2starFunction to transform P-values into symbols of significance...
starsStars plot
violinJitterJitter by violins
violinJitterPlotViolins plot with jittered data points
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