mizer: mizer: Multi-species size-based modelling in R

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The mizer package implements multi-species size-based modelling in R. It has been designed for modelling marine ecosystems.


Using mizer is relatively simple. There are three main stages:

  1. Setting the model parameters. This is done by creating an object of class MizerParams. This includes model parameters such as the life history parameters of each species, and the range of the size spectrum.

  2. Running a simulation. This is done by calling the project() method on the model parameters. This produces an object of MizerSim which contains the results of the simulation.

  3. Exploring results. After a simulation has been run, the results can be explored using a range of plots and summaries.

See the accompanying vignette for full details of the principles behind mizer and how the package can be used to perform size-based modelling.

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