Project Status: WIP - Initial development is in progress, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release suitable for the public. License


These are helper functions for Wisconsin DNR fisheries analyses. This package is very much in its early developmental stages. Descriptions of recent changes to fishWiDNR can be found in the file

This package is likely of no use to you unless you perform fisheries analyses with Wisconsin DNR data.


The most recent development version of fishWiDNR may be installed with

if (!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools'); require('devtools')

This method may not work for some installations of R (will get an error complaining about "Rtools" not being available). A recent (may not be the most recent) development version of fishWiDNR may be installed with


If the installation is successful, then you should receive no errors (you may get some warnings if you are using an older version of R) when you run the following line in R.



Contact me with questions by sending a friendly e-mail to [email protected].

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