#' @seealso
#' \itemize{
#' \item \code{\link{ej.indexes}} for local contribution to a variety of overall disparity metrics such as excess risk
#' \item \code{\link{RR}} to calculate overall disparity metric as relative risk (RR), ratio of mean environmental indicator values across demographic groups
#' \item \code{\link{RR.table}} to create 3-D table of RR values, by demographic group by environmental indicator by zone
#' \item \code{\link{RR.table.sort}} to sort existing RR table
#' \item \code{\link{RR.table.add}} to add zone(s) to existing RR table
#' \item \code{\link{write.RR.tables}} to write a file with a table or RR by indicator by group
#' \item \code{\link{ej.added}} to find EJ Index as local contribution to sum of EJ Indexes
#' \item \code{\link{RR.cut.if.gone}} to find local contribution to RR
#' \item \code{\link{}} to find how much RR would change if top-ranked places had different conditions
#' \item \code{\link{rrfv}} for obsolete attempt to vectorize rrf
#' \item \code{\link{rrf}} for older simpler function for RR of one indicator for one demographic group
#' \item \code{\link{pop.ecdf}} to compare plots of cumulative frequency distribution of indicator values by group
#' }
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