Man pages for erikrani/nvdr
NVD Vulnerability Data Processor

assess_benchmarkBenchmark models accuracy calculator
benchmarkerBenchmark models accuracy presenter
cwes_highest_instances_changeCWE categories with highest change-compared-to-the-last-year...
cwes_most_critical_impactCWE categories with most critical impact finder
cwes_most_instancesCWE categories with most instances finder
date_formatterYear or Year and Month formatter
discern_typesOne-CWE and multi-CWE separator
ets_ffmHelper function for ETS modeller
ets_modelETS modeller
fill_missing_months_with_zeroMissing months filler
fill_missing_years_with_zeroMissing years filler
find_yearly_mean_changePercent Change of instances (last year vs all others) finder
get_best_benchmark_resultsOverall best benchmark model finder and assessment results...
get_best_methodsBest model finder
get_cwe_analysis_vulnsCWE analysis data organiser
get_ets_scoresETS model assessment info formatter
get_interesting_cwesInteresting CWE categories finder
get_nvd_entriesNVD entry extractor from XML file(s)
get_nvd_from_fileNVD entry extractor from one XML file
get_nvd_from_filesNVD entry extractor from many XML files
get_results_listResult organising helper for 'assess_benchmark'
get_timegrouped_vulnsCWE yearly or monthly characteristics creator
get_type_score_betweenBinary NVD data fetcher
get_xml_base_metricsCVSS base metrics node extractor from XML
get_xml_cvssCVSS metrics extractor from XML
get_xml_cwesCWE extractor from XML
get_xml_datePublished date extractor from XML
get_xml_metricsBase metric's submetric extractor from XML
get_xml_rejectRejected entry detector from XML
nvdReported Vulnerabilities's Data from National Vulnerability...
nvd_entry_parserNVD vulnerabilities XML parser
plot_best_benchmark_fcastsBest benchmark models forecast plotter
plot_etsETS models forecast plotter
separate_and_mergeCWE organiser
vulns_into_time_seriesMonthly average CVSS time-series creator
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