Defines functions checklegal

Documented in checklegal

#' Takes an age and country and returns whether a person is legal to drink in that country
#' @param age
#' @param country
#' @return String of legal, not legal, or varies by conditions
#' @export
#' @examples checklegal(16, "Canada")

checklegal <- function(age, country) {

  # run through index to find country

  #keeps track of index of the selected country
  countryindex <- 0

  for (x in 1:179){
    if (drinking[x,2] == country){
      #match, save index and break out of loop
      countryindex <- x


  if (countryindex == 0){
    #did not match any country, print error message and stop function
    stop("Error: invalid country. Make sure you capitalize properly and choose a real country.")

  # checks minimum drinking age in that particular country
  drinkingindex <- drinking[countryindex,3]

  if (drinkingindex == -1){
    # varies by something, print what it varies by
    sprintf("Drinking age varies by %s", drinking[countryindex,4])
  else if (age < drinkingindex){
    #not legal
    print("Not legal to drink in this country!")
    print("Legal to drink in this country!")
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