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From API

Find the identifier for bill text document doc_id we want to retrieve and pass it to get_bill_text(). We will get back a list containing details about the text document, with the element doc containing the document itself in base64 encoding.

doc_1877162 <- get_bill_text(doc_id = 1877162)


To retrieve the text from the base64 encoded document, we pass this list to decode_bill_text(). This will 1) transform the input list into a data frame, and 2) attach the decoded text as an additional column text_docoded.

text_decode_1 <- decode_bill_text(doc_1877162)

Decoded text looks like this:


From local json

If we have saved the API response from get_bill_text() in json format locally, we can decode the text by passing in the paths to the .json files.

If we save the files under sub-directory text, then we can use find_json_path() to help us with the search.

text_paths <- find_json_path(base_dir = "../inst/extdata", file_type = "text")


Then pass the file path directly to decode_bill_text(), which will perform the importing and decoding accordingly.

text_decode_2 <- decode_bill_text(text_paths[3])

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