Man pages for felipegerard/optimbucket
Optimal Bucketing Based on ROC Curves

analyzeOptimal Bucketing With a Fixed Number of Buckets
copyExport WROCs and WROC Lists
optimbucket-packageOptimal Bucketing Based on ROC Curves
optimizeOptimal Gini Bucketing
performancePerformance Metrics for ROC Curves
plot.wrocPlot ROC Curves
points.wroc.listTransformation to Points
predict.wrocTransform Variables with a ROC Curve
reset.bucketsReset Bucket Numbers of 'wroc' Objects
subset.wrocPaste Adjacent Buckets of a ROC Curve
subset.wroc.listChoose ROC Curves Manually from a List
summary.wrocImportant Information About ROC Curves
woeCalculate Weight of Evidence
wrocCreate Flexible ROC Curves
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