Man pages for fernandovmacedo/ggmapofbrazil
ggmapofbrazil: helper functions to plot maps of brazil

create_map_dirHelper function to create map dir
create_map_fileHelper function to create map file
crop_list_munGet corressponding municipality list from crop
crop_list_ufGet corressponding state list from crop
ggplot_map_brPlot a map of municipalities of Brazil
ggsave_map_brA modified version of the 'ggsave' function from ggplot with...
loc_namesGet corressponding abreviations and names from locations...
scale_fill_manual_mapModified version of the scale_fill_manual function from...
tabextensaCodes from administrative divisions of brazil
tabmunMunicipalities of Brazil
tabmun_popMunicipalities of Brazil
tabufStates of Brazil
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