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ctCorrR Documentation

Normalized Gene/TE expression toy data in control and treatment in same species for correlation analysis


Dataset contains gene/TE expression data from control and treatment based on syn8466812 RNA-seq (Allen M et al., 2016) for correlation analysis. These data were also modified due to confidential agreement. Therefore, it cannot represent the original data. For a quick demonstration, we only use 10 genes and 10 transposable elements.




An object of class "TekCorrSet" which contains 4 expression counts and you can access it specifying the parameters using assay_tekcorrset():

assay_tekcorrset(ctCorr, "gene", "control")

control gene expression data

assay_tekcorrset(ctCorr, "te", "control")

control TE expression data

assay_tekcorrset(ctCorr, "gene", "treatment")

treatment gene expression data

assay_tekcorrset(ctCorr, "te", "treatment")

treatment TE expression data


geneConCorrInput <- assay_tekcorrset(ctCorr, "gene", "control")
teConCorrInput <- assay_tekcorrset(ctCorr, "te", "control")
geneTreatCorrInput <- assay_tekcorrset(ctCorr, "gene", "treatment")
teTreatCorrInput <- assay_tekcorrset(ctCorr, "te", "treatment")

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