Man pages for forestgeo/fgeo.habitat
Analize Soils and Tree-Habitat Data

abund_indexCount rows by quadrat-index.
dist_in_torusA general function to calculate distances in a n-dimensional...
extract_from_habitatExtract plot dimensions from habitat data.
fgeo.habitat-packagefgeo.habitat: Analize Soils and Tree-Habitat Data
krigKrige soil data following the methodology of the John et al....
krig_auto_paramsFind "best" variogram parameters.
krig_breaksSequence of n exponentially increasing values.
luquilloDatasets from **.
luquillo_top3_spA tiny dataset from Luquillo of the three most abundant...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
soil_fakeFake soil data with multiple soil variables.
soil_randomSoil data for examples.
summary.krig_lstSummary results of 'krig()'.
to_dfRestructure data as a dataframe.
to_df.krig_lstDataframe the output of 'krig()'.
to_df.tt_lstDataframe the output of tt_test().
tt_testTorus Translation Test to determine habitat associations of...
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