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The goal of internetworkflow is to provide a convenient way of accessing domains and searching popular websites directly from the R console. When working on small screens in particular, switching from the R console to the browser window, opening a new tab, navigating to the desired website and finally searching for the search terms requires around 3-6 clicks. As one is working mainly in the R console, it is more convenient to start typing the search terms right away, without having to go through the process mentioned above. For example, stackoverflow("my r problem") will open the stackoverflow search for "my r problem" in a new browser tab automatically.

Currently supported websites:

Any other website can be accessed with open(

Bonus: obtain the number of Google hits for a combination of search terms with google.hits("search terms").


You can install internetworkflow from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Please report issues or requests for additional functionality to



## Try:
google("my search terms")
stackoverflow("my r problem")

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